The latest sanitary napkin production line

  • Overall Size : 30M*6M*4M
  • Machine Size : 24M *2.2M*3M
  • Design Speed : 1200pcs/min
  • Stable Work Speed : 900-1000pcs/min
  • Product Yield : 297%
  • Power Source : 380V,50HZ
  • Machine Capacity : About 250KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Machine Weight : About 60T


1. Product Structure

Tissue paper, sap paper, topsheet nonwoven, double wing nonwoven(3pcs),  ADl(blue chip), backsheet, back & wings,  release paper,  packing film.

2. Product Size

Customer specified

3. Control System

PLC control system,Operating on the touch screen,Configure HDTV monitor.

4. Drive System

Full servo driven, imported timing blet, key position adopt theimported bearing.

5. Tension System

Equipped with tension unwinding system,constant tension control with buffer system,automatic webguide system.The unwinding system ensure materialsstable working at full speed splice, Minimize theeffects of tension,to reduce the time of stop machine.

6. Safety System

lt has safety device on the operating side,matched withurgent stop switch,high audio fan uses sound insulation orsilencer.



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