How Does a Diaper Machine Handle Diapers of Different Sizes and Types

Diaper Making Machines Factory

When handling diapers of different sizes and types, the diaper machine exhibits a high degree of flexibility and intelligence in its design and operation. Here are the key points that enable the diaper machine to achieve this goal:

Modular Design

  • Cutting Module: Adjusts the cutting size to accommodate different diaper sizes.
  • Assembly Module: Replaces or adjusts components such as belts, elastic bands, etc., based on product type.
  • Packaging Module: Adjusts according to the diaper’s size and packaging requirements.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • The PLC controls the entire production process, with preset programs that allow operators to quickly switch between producing different sizes and types of diapers.
  • The PLC system ensures precise control of material supply, cutting, assembly, and packaging, guaranteeing efficient and stable production.

Adjustment and Calibration

  • Adjusts cutting tools and mold parameters based on diaper size to ensure cutting accuracy.
  • Adjusts the supply speed and quantity of raw materials to suit the needs of different sizes.
  • Adjusts the parameters of the forming system to ensure accurate assembly and shaping.

Multi-functional Sensors

  • Photoelectric sensors monitor material position and moving speed to ensure precise cutting and assembly.
  • Laser sensors are used for high-precision measurement and cutting, suitable for different sizes.
  • Weight sensors control the supply of raw materials to ensure consistency in each diaper.

Flexible Production Line Configuration

  • Quickly switches production modes by adjusting production line speed and processes to adapt to different types of diapers (e.g., daytime and nighttime use).
  • Multiple production lines collaborate to produce different sizes and types of diapers in large-scale production.

Automated Adjustment System

  • An automatic width adjustment system adjusts the material width based on product specifications.
  • An automatic length adjustment system adjusts the cutting and assembly length according to the diaper’s length requirements.
  • An automatic packaging system adjusts the size and packaging method of the packaging bag based on the diaper’s size.

Operator Interface and Software Support

  • Touch screen or computer interfaces simplify parameter settings and adjustments. Software allows presetting different production modes and parameters, enabling quick selection of product types and sizes, with the system automatically adjusting equipment parameters.

Flexibility of Production Processes

  • Both dry and wet production processes can adapt to the production of diapers of different sizes and types by adjusting pulp formulas, cutting specifications, template printing, and other steps.

Quality Control

  • Every production step undergoes strict inspection and quality control to ensure product quality meets standards.

Through these technologies and methods, the diaper machine can quickly adjust and switch production lines, handle a diverse range of diaper products, and meet market demands for diapers of different sizes and types.

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