Check the world’s leading manufacturers of baby diaper making machines

The global automatic baby diaper making machine market is dominated by several leading manufacturers, which have established a solid position in the industry with their innovative technology, high-quality products, and extensive market coverage.


Company profile: ZUIKO is a global manufacturing company specializing in the development and manufacture of equipment for hygiene products, primarily diapers. With decades of experience in designing, producing, and delivering customized equipment, we provide professional and personalized services to meet customer needs, offering consulting services for new orders and post-purchase maintenance services both in Japan and abroad.

Consulting and maintenance services: ZUIKO is dedicated to assisting our customers in the design and development of new products and services based on our understanding of global hygiene product trends. We also provide comprehensive maintenance and technical support services, including the supply of spare parts, unit maintenance, training, and other important support services, to help our customers’ equipment operate continuously and effectively, minimizing losses due to malfunctions and downtime.

Medical, recycling and nursing businesses: In addition to producing disposable hygiene product processing equipment, ZUIKO Medical Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of ZUIKO, also produces and sells other medical products such as PlusMoist® wet wound dressings and surgical masks. ZUIKO also provides resource recycling systems, including the collection and reuse of scraps during the production process, as well as a system for converting used diapers into new energy sources. For nursing institutions and home care, ZUIKO is committed to developing new diaper product equipment to reduce the burden on caregivers and contribute to an aging society.


Fameccanica is an Italian company founded in 1975 that has established a leadership position in the field of automated production lines for absorbent hygiene products and consumer goods through the conversion of technology in household and personal care.
Product models: We offer a variety of models, including high-speed production lines, to meet the production needs of different sizes.
Sales and revenue: The company has an important share in the European market, and its global sales and revenue continue to grow.
Price: The price range is wide based on the complexity and customization of the production line.
Recent developments: In recent years, Fameccanica has been working on developing more environmentally friendly and sustainable production solutions.


Company profile: GDM is an Italian company and a global leader in industrial market solutions for the disposable hygiene and healthcare industry. Driven by knowledge and passion for innovation, we are a reliable technology and consulting partner that supports you throughout the entire value chain. From product development to machinery supply to customer service, we provide the most advanced turnkey solutions and offer manufacturers the advantage of a single-source supplier.

Product model: We provide automatic baby diaper production lines with various specifications, ranging from compact to large production lines.
Sales and revenue: We have a stable customer base in the global market, and our revenue is growing year by year.
Price: The price is determined based on the specific configuration and automation level of the production line.
Latest News: GDM continues to invest in research and development to maintain its technological leadership.

Xingyuan DNW Machinery

Company profile: Quanzhou Xingyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jinjiang Wuli Industrial Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. It specializes in the research, development, production, sales and service of sanitary equipment, providing OEM services and design services. Its annual output value is as high as 50 million to 100 million US dollars.
Xingyuan Machinery has a strong design and technical team, equipped with advanced CNC gantry machining centers, CNC high-precision CNC lathes, large radial drilling machines, precision saddle lathes, milling machines and other processing equipment. It adopts scientific management, strict monitoring, and constantly develops new products for different customers. Summarize the experience of cooperating with domestic and foreign customers to improve the whole machine. All machines of Xingyuan Machinery have obtained ISO9001 and CE certificates, and have obtained UL certification, which can be exported to North America. Xingyuan Machinery has become an excellent manufacturer of household paper equipment for the global market.
Quanzhou Xingyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides customers with a series of services:

  1. Technical support, operation training, equipment customization, product materials, factory management, testing strategy, etc.
  2. We can also provide training or experienced operators for customers.
  3. The company ensures seamless resolution of customers’ unexpected needs through effective communication and solutions.

Product: baby diaper production line(I &T shape diaper,baby pants,full elastic waistband diaper),adult diaper production line(adult diaper,adult pants),sanitary napkin&panty liner production line ,under pad production line,disposable breast pad production line

Features: Compared to other manufacturers, Xingyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides various types of diaper manufacturing machines and customized services to meet the different needs of any customer.

Curt G Joa

Company Profile: Since Curt G. Joa, the company’s founder, introduced automation to the hygiene industry in 1932, JOA® machines have been improving efficiency in every corner of the world. Customers continue to choose JOA because they know they can rely on our team to provide 24/7 support and expertise to solve complex production challenges, regardless of product design, production process or geographical location. We are passionate about finding new ways to help you succeed in an increasingly competitive market, and you can see this wherever you are.
Product Model: Curt G Joa provides various models of automatic baby diaper making machines to meet the production needs of different customers.
Sales and Revenue: Curt G Joa’s automatic baby diaper making machines have stable sales in the global market and revenue has maintained a growth trend.
Price: Curt G Joa’s product prices vary depending on the model and configuration, but in general, its product prices are relatively reasonable.
Latest News: Curt G Joa focuses on product innovation and quality improvement, and is committed to providing customers with better products and services.

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